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Automating Workflows for Mapping from Multispectral Images Using ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler


Join GEO Data Design for an exciting on-demand webinar exploring innovative, automated ways of mapping mineral deposits using Hexagon's ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler.

GEO Data Design offers consulting services for automated mapping and has assisted clients in the mining sector to map various geological outcrops from multispectral remote sensing data. The process uses simple but effective spatial modeling techniques, keeping it cost effective.

Because GEO Data Design has a deep understanding of multispectral remote sensing data and access to it,its experts can leverage their experience and understanding of different mineral deposit types to facilitate geological mapping.

The information generated through these models can be integrated with other available geoscientific data to assist with target generation, economic potential analysis, and other important tasks.

An automated approach optimizes the mineral exploration process by reducing the time and resources required to achieve exploration objectives effectively and efficiently.

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About GEO Data Design

GEO Data Design provides organizations with location-based business intelligence solutions. With over two decades of experience in a variety of industries and a diverse team of skilled individuals, GEO Data Design offers enhanced insights for geospatial management and analysis. Embracing the cloud and combining it with geographical technology including satellite imagery, geospatial software, and other business data allows GEO Data Design to create powerful analytical tools to quickly analyze and act upon real-world challenges.



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