Orthomosaicing, one of the tasks performed by Geospatial analysts, is the process of stitching multiple orthoimages into a single large image. Seamline generation is a crucial step in the ortho mosaicking process as the location of the seamlines directly affects the quality of the image mosaic. Optimal seamlines minimize geometric and radiometric differences between adjacent images resulting in mosaic that appear seamless.

Watch our Tech Talk with Product Owner Sam Megenta to learn more about ERDAS IMAGINE’s Optimal Seamline Generation Method using Mosaic Pro.

This capability is key for any organizations and industries that use or maintain basemaps in their geospatial workflow.

Industries who are or who should be using this technology:

  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Planning
  • Code Enforcement
  • Local Government
  • Census Activities
  • Utility Companies

These features are just a few of the ways ERDAS IMAGINE’s consolidated workflows, smarter processing, and dynamic modeling can work for you.

  • Optimal seamline generation
  • Seamless Ortho-mosaic images
  • Improved processing time

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Fill out the form to receive more information about ERDAS IMAGINE purchase options

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