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What can geospatial technology bring to your business? What if you could unleash the potential yourself? Learn how to become a power user of our Hexagon Geospatial technology with the right training for your organization.



During this training you will receive an introduction to the main ERDAS APOLLO workflows including data crawling, metadata editing, service configuration, data styling, using the catalog interface, exporting data from ERDAS APOLLO, and more. Then you will learn how to automate some of these processes through our REST API interface.

Upcoming Training: 28-30 October 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)



M.App X

During this training, attendees will learn the standard Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) workflows including geo-correcting images before performing change detection, doing object recognition or intelligence reports generation.

Upcoming Training: 28-29 October 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)



M.App Enterprise

This training is a technical introduction to the new M.App Enterprise 2019 version. It teaches how to develop Hexagon Smart M.App applications using out-of-the box tools or custom code. You will also get additional insights into the architecture, installation and configuration processes.

Upcoming Training: 28-31 October 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)



GeoMedia Professional

The objective of this training is provide you with a basic GeoMedia training including : introduction to GIS concepts, installation and configuration procedures and standard GeoMedia features.At the end of this training you should be able to create professional maps with GeoMedia using data from different sources (various databases and vector formats), you also learn how to work with different projections as well as the advanced symbology and labeling mechanisms of GeoMedia. Beside maps creation, you will learn how to do data validation using for instance by using tools for accuracy verification, you will also learn how to extract information from your data by creating advanced analysis.

Upcoming Training: 18-20 November 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)



GeoMedia WebMap

During this training you will start by installing and configuring the products, and then learn how to prepare publish dynamic vector and raster web services, configure Geospatial Portal and Consumer portal instances to be served over web, and advanced configure them using GeospTial SDI features.

Upcoming Training: 21-22 November 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)




This class is an introduction to the latest ERDAS IMAGINE software. Instructors will lead the students from the basics of viewing imagery to some more advanced spatial modeling building. Image classification and change dectection is also covered in this 3 days class.

Upcoming Training: 25-27 November 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)



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