The Latest in Cloud-Deployable Image Intelligence

Do you want to harness the power of a desktop image exploitation solution in your browser? Then check out the latest version of M.App X, our cloud-deployable enterprise solution.


With M.App X, you can easily interpret images, creative intuitive maps, and share them across your organization. It features:


Faster Rasters and Vectors

  • Using the most advanced web technology, M.App X delivers desktop-like performance and 2D/3D visualizations.


Quicker Information Dissemination

  • Because M.App X is cloud-based, your teams have instant access to the latest information, sharing the same view.


Easier System Administration

  • With M.App X, you get unified and centralized software management, which reduces administrative costs and solves the problem of inconsistent software versions.


With our latest version, M.​App X 2020 Update 1, users can enjoy enhanced usability with annotation, measurement, and feature tools. We have also added the ability to discover data more easily using a browse mode similar to Windows. Shapefile handling has also been enhanced including upload, add to shoebox and display. And information sharing is even easier with reporting templates for PowerPoint and Geospatial PDF output.


Watch our webinar hosted by Product Line Director Brad Skelton to see all of the benefits for yourself!



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