Cultivating Successful Precision Agriculture
Strategies with Geospatial Technology


In this webcast, “Cultivating Successful Precision Agriculture Strategies with Geospatial Technologies,” our experts will discuss industry-leading software and tools to help farmers understand and interpret aerial imagery and other geospatial data. They will share real-life use cases and demos, including:  

  • Using digital farming methods to optimize resources and field operations in real time by collecting and analyzing data like field samples, aerial imagery, and weather conditions

  • Assessing crop health with aerial imagery and creating smart maps and dashboards to address issues before they are visible to the naked eye

  • Leveraging remote sensing and machine learning techniques to calculate crop inventory, density, and  land coverage


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Thursday, 24 September

Register now to attend this webinar from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Perth Time on 24 September.