Carloforte Inventories Above Ground, Underground, and Beneath the Sea Data

Nemea Sistemi Creates M.App Chest And Geomedia Solution To Manage Data Collection And Interchange In Italy

NeMea Sistemi, a Hexagon Geospatial dealer in Italy, recently had a project where their expertise was needed to support one of their most dynamic customers, Carloforte in San Pietro Island - Sardinia, on some important activities. During this project they were faced with several tasks such as conducting a bathymetric survey, surveying cemetery plots, and surveying the town's street lighting infrastructure network.

Settled in the 18th century off the southwest coast of Sardinia on the Isola di San Pietro, Carloforte is known for its architecture, history, and culture. Tourists and fishing enthusiasts flock to its azure waters and sandy beaches. This beautiful village is home to a number of charter boat, diving, and tourist businesses, as well as merchant mariners who serve across the world. In addition to protecting its interesting history, Carloforte actively seeks to plan for its future as a global destination.

Learn more about the NEMEA Systemi solutions by downloading the case study.

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