Cloud-Based Geospatial Exploitation Solution

Hexagon’s Revolutionary Approach To System Architecture

How to face the complex, dynamic and dangerous reality with flexible geospatial technology to meet the needs of today, but also of tomorrow? This white paper discusses how cloud-based geospatial solutions provide the answer to rapid decision-making through high performance, accuracy and flexiblity.

There is no doubt that cloud-based solutions are increasing in demand across government, private industry, and the consumer IT markets. Many organizations currently face challenges associated with deployment of individually-installed desktop-based software across an enterprise. These issues can include complexity in managing and monitoring desktop software usage, slow upgrade cycles, la ck of flexibility in meeting increased demand or supporting mobile users, and high maintenance and support costs. Many of these organizations know cloud-based solutions provide benefits such as streamlined and reliable software management processes, more frequent technology update cycles, robust support for remote and mo bile users, and reduced maintenance and support costs.

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