The Luciad Portfolio Enables a Smart Digital Reality for Your Smart Nation, Smart City, and Smart Site Projects

Sensors are measuring the world with unprecedented detail and accuracy – not only from space, air, and street-level, but also indoors. Think about high-res imagery, unlimited amounts of points from laser scans and photogrammetry algorithms, city- or country-wide 3D reality meshes. In this webinar, see the Luciad platform’s unique capability to, on the fly, fuse all these data sources into a single Digital Reality. Add to this Digital Reality real-time IoT sensor feeds that track and sense people, vessels, airplanes, buses, smart devices, air pollution, and more. By bridging the divide between the static and dynamic worlds, you can turn Digital Reality into Smart Digital Reality, enabling the dynamic use cases of tomorrow’s smart nations, cities, and sites.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to stream and visualize unlimited point clouds and reality meshes
  • How to track change and progress by measuring and comparing with high accuracy
  • How to deploy big digital reality projects in the cloud and on-premise
  • How to combine digital reality data with IoT data to handle real-time use-case



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