Prometeo - Geo Data Design

Uncontrolled fires can endanger lives and destroy property and assets, but what if you could determine the likelihood of a fire and take action to help prevent it?

The Prometeo algorithm by GEO Data Design identifies areas of high fire probability and delivers the results through a desktop or mobile application. Prometeo uses change detection from satellite imagery to extract vegetation and moisture content data and combine it with meteorological data determining fire risk for:

  • Environmental Impact Management
  • Agriculture Management
  • Corridor & Servitude Management
  • Insurance & Property Management
  • Disaster Risk Reduction

The process is simple:

Designate an area of land to be monitored, Prometeo identifies any fire risks in the area, and results are delivered through the automated and dynamic application allowing you to quantify risks to people and assets, and make insightful decisions to proactively protect them.



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