Why is ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet from Hexagon's Geospatial division) the best format for storing your terabyte or larger image files? 

  • High-performance compressed file format designed specifically for extremely large imagery stores
  • Achieves 15:1 compression ratios (94% reduction)
  • Fastest compression and decompression (rendering) rates in the industry
  • ECW file format is supported across all major image server and storage platforms

ERDAS ECW lets software developers enable rapid and efficient file handling in their applications by including robust support for selected wavelet compression formats and protocols.

GeoSpace International found it nearly impossible to work with a basemap of South Africa comprised of 46,000 files that were 30 TB in size. After being compressed at 50cm GSD into a single, seamless mosaic, the resulting ECW file was 10 times smaller and still visually lossless. Their resulting savings in time and disk space was “enormous.”

If you are an AutoCAD user from Africa, performant raster imagery starts here:

  • Compress your raster imagery to ECW format with Hexagon’s GeoCompressor
  • Use Hexagon’s free ECW Plugin for AutoCAD to insert your imagery into any AutoCAD drawing

ECW for AutoCAD allows standalone compression or compression in the cloud using M.App Chest cloud storage.

Serve ECW image files efficiently with ERDAS APOLLO via low bandwidth environments or through ECW for ArcGIS plugin on an ESRI server.

Want to learn more?

Join our webinar on August 6th to learn the details of our ECW for AutoCAD solution.

Contact Sirosha Budram,
Sales Operations Administrator, Marketing Coordinator & Inside Sales – Africa & France or +27 60 421 7381



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