Real-time Location Intelligence and Visual Analytics
within the Digital Transformation Process


Hexagon Geospatial ‘Real Time and Visual Analytics’ Summit is an opportunity to better understand Hexagon’s Geospatial division’s technologies, learn about the latest updates and services, and hear best practices from our many customers. Best of all, it provides a fresh perspective on how to solve industry challenges.

Public safety is a major area of those challenge. Security professionals, whether armed, police, emergency services, or civil protection, face an increasingly diverse, unpredictable, and demanding environment. Today, many organizations are required to handle both conventional threats along with asymmetric threats such as terrorism. Geopolitical phenomena (whether it is climate change or mass migration) complete a very complex picture of public safety. The amount of geospatial information available to manage, predict, and even prevent safety threats is enormous, but it can also be dispersive and disordered.

To overcome these challenges, efficient access and analysis of real-time data concerning the location and development of threats is paramount.

Join us to see how Hexagon can enable you to deliver smart, real-time location intelligence solutions designed to drive dynamic decision making across industrial and geospatial operations. You can also network with peers to exchange experiences and learn best practices from other innovative companies on how to successfully leverage the latest data.



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