Advanced training


Type: Seminar with hands-on exercises


Goal: The objective of this training is provide you with a basic GeoMedia training including: introduction to GIS concepts, installation and configuration procedures and standard GeoMedia features.At the end of this training you should be able to create professional maps with GeoMedia using data from different sources (various databases and vector formats), you also learn how to work with different projections as well as the advanced symbology and labeling mechanisms of GeoMedia.


Certification: Certificate of participation GeoMedia Advanced Training


Target audience: Software developers and software architects


Prerequisites: GeoMedia Basic Training


Duration: 3 Days


Agenda: The trainer typically adapts the pace of the training to the needs of the trainees. The following is a standard agenda:


Day 1:

Installation and Configuration

  • Basic GeoMedia concepts
    • Geoworkspace: Creation and properties
    • Types of Windows and properties
    • Dataservers and Warehouse: Creation and properties
    • Coordinate System operations
  • Ribbon interface
    • Properties and customization
  • Managing features
    • Types features: area, line, point and compound
    • Features definition
  • Legend
    • Properties and definitions
    • Symbology definitions and properties
    • Thematic Maps


Day 2:

  • Data capturing
    • Digitizing tools
    • Editing tools
  • Raster data
    • Viewing and referencing tools
  • Labeling
  • Data validation
    • Managing corrections
    • Introduction to conflation
  • Basic Analysis operations
    • Alphanumeric and Spatial queries


Day 3:

  • Analysis Tools
    • Advanced spatial operations
    • Functional Attributes
    • Attribute Based Symbology
    • Spatial Modeler basic concepts and examples
  • Publishing and Exporting Data
    • Layout window
    • Export commands
  • Additional Tools
    • Database Utilities
    • CAD server schemas



This training can also be requested on demand, onsite, or offsite.

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GeoMedia Advanced and GeoMedia Webmap sessions are organized in parallel. It is not possible to attend both.


GeoMedia Advanced and GeoMedia Webmap sessions are organized in parallel. It is not possible to attend both.

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