Predictive Analysis in Monitoring Water and Sewer Networks


Planetek Italia and the Hera group, a Bologna-based Multi-Utility company, presented their solution at the HxGN LIVE 2019 Conference for implementing “predictive analysis in the monitoring of water and sewage networks" to support maintenance activities of the networks managed by the Hera group. The solution was built by Hexagon partner Planetek Italia.


Hera, publicly listed since 2003, is now among Italy’s largest multi-utilities, working mainly in the environment (waste management), water (aqueduct, sewerage, and purification) and energy (electricity, gas distribution and sales, and energy services) sectors.


With Rheticus® Network Alert, powered by Hexagon's M.App Enterprise technology, Hera Group detailed the benefits of this solution to monitor ground subsidence around water pipelines, identify possible problem areas, and thereby improve the effectiveness of inspections by 40%.


Thanks to the highly visual dashboard, the Rheticus® service provides extremely intuitive indicators that give the utility advanced warnings of the elements of the network that might be problematic. Being able to act on this information early, before the situations become greater problems, greatly reduces the utility's costs of maintaining its sewer systems.


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