Let’s Move Forward – Hexagon’s Transportation Webinar Series

Driving on Safer Roads with Digitalization


Roadway safety, maintenance and preservation of infrastructure, and efficiency of movement across the road network are critical issues driving transportation policy and investment at national, regional, and local levels of government. As in other industries, digitalization is having a significant impact across these areas of road transportation, enabling remote workflows, new levels of automation, and intelligent, data-driven decision-making to improve safety and productivity.

Join us in this webinar to explore the digital transformation in transportation and gain insights into managing non-standard transport vehicles by:

  • Satellite-based monitoring of road infrastructure: Reduce inspection time and costs using high-precision measurements for in-depth displacement and trends analysis.
  • Automation of permitting and routing for over-dimensional truck freight: Protect infrastructure, improve safety and efficiency using sophisticated routing and analysis.
  • Road safety analysis: Use data-driven analysis to guide investments in roadway improvements to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on roadways.

These topics and more are addressed from the user perspective based on customer success stories.

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