Luciad Portfolio Training

What can geospatial technology bring to your business? What if you could unleash the potential yourself? Learn how to become a power user of our Luciad Portfolio technology with the right training for your organization.


Public Training

In addition to on-demand, on-site customer trainings, the Luciad Training Center regularly organizes public training events. Public trainings are open to participants from different organizations. These trainings are perfectly suited for meeting a training need for a small number of participants or possibly for urgent training requests.


The following public trainings are organized on a regular basis:


Luciad Browser Primary Product Training | LuciadRIA

Luciad Desktop Primary Product Training | LuciadLightspeed

Luciad Server Primary Product Training | LuciadFusion

Luciad Primary Product Training | Lucy Primary


Introductory Training

This one-day interactive seminar gives an in-depth introduction to Hexagon Geospatial's Luciad Portfolio. No need for programming experience – introductory training sessions give project leaders and project managers an overview of what is possible with our technology, an understanding of how you can integrate it in your projects, and ideas to jump-start the planning of your next geospatial project.


Product Training

Hexagon Geospatial offers primary product trainings on its entire Luciad Portfolio suite of geospatial software. Training for our flagship product LuciadLightspeed is an interactive three-day seminar that teaches developers how to create maps in 2D and 3D, decode common and custom data formats, style raster and vector data, add user interaction, and more. Product trainings for LuciadRIA, LuciadMobile, and LuciadFusion are for two days and cover the APIs' key functionalities.


Advanced Product Training

We provide more advanced users with a number of intensive trainings to allow you to make the most of our Luciad Portfolio's feature-rich API. Advanced training sessions focus on user needs such as moving to LuciadLightspeed from LuciadMap, integrating MS2525 military symbology, implementing advanced terrain elevation analysis (TEA), building server or client solutions with OGC Web Services, and many more!


Tailored Workshop

If you want to handle the design and implementation details of your specific development project, a workshop will give you what you need. Here you apply your acquired, general product skills to develop proof of concepts of the most crucial and challenging parts of your geospatial application, guided by a Luciad technology expert. Tailored workshops can cover all aspects of our products' functionalities.


For more information about upcoming public trainings, consult our events calendar.


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