Primary Product Training


Level: Beginner


Type: Seminar with hands-on exercises


Goal: Gain a thorough understanding of LuciadFusion concepts. Learn how to use LuciadFusion to manage, fuse, and serve large amounts of geospatial data and how to customize and extend the server with custom formats, analytics, and services.


Certification: Certificate of participation LuciadFusion Primary


Target audience: Software developers and software architects


Prerequisites: Elementary knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming (optional)


Please note: This training can be given as a 2-day developer training or as a 1-day LuciadFusion end-user training for geospatial data specialists. The end-user version does not require any programming skills.


Duration: 1 or 2 Days


Agenda: The trainer typically adapts the pace of the training to the needs of the trainees. The following is a standard agenda: 


  • Day 1: Developer and end-user oriented, zero code
    • Introduction and architectural overview
    • LuciadFusion installation
    • LuciadFusion Studio
      • Data Management
      • Creating products and publishing services
    • LuciadFusion Data Connectivity Manager
      • Use Data Connectivity Manager
      • Create terrain and globes from elevation data
      • Fuse imagery data
    • Combine on the fly publishing and pre-processing
      • Dealing with big vector data sets
    • Styling raster and vector data with SLD
  • Day 2: Developer oriented
    • LuciadFusion server customization and extension:
      • Development environment setup
      • Extending LuciadFusion with custom styling
      • Extending LuciadFusion with custom data formats
      • Deploying, debugging, and performance tweaking
      • Further possibilities to exploit the analytics capabilities


Training for December 12-13, 2019

This training can also be requested on demand, onsite, or offsite.


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December 12-13, 2019