Primary Product Training


Level: Beginner


Type: Seminar with hands-on exercises


Goal: Gain a thorough understanding of LuciadRIA concepts and put this knowledge into practice to build high-performance browser-based geospatial situational awareness applications.


Certification: Certificate of participation LuciadRIA Primary


Target audience: Software developers and software architects


Prerequisites: This hands-on training for developers uses the JavaScript language, so basic JavaScript knowledge is strongly recommended. Alternatively, a good Java knowledge and the technical proficiency to immediately acquire operational knowledge of a new programming language are also sufficient to guarantee optimal training efficiency and knowledge transfer.

A basic understanding of the LuciadLightspeed concepts will be helpful for this training, but is not mandatory.


Duration: 2 days


Agenda: The trainer typically adapts the pace of the training to the needs of the trainees. The following is a standard agenda:


  • Day 1:
    • Introduction and demo
    • RIA maps (incl. webGL & 3D)
    • Raster data
    • Vector data
    • WFS data
    • KML data
    • WFS data
    • Styling
    • Labeling
  • Day 2:
    • Creating and editing objects
    • Map interaction
    • Geodetic calculations
    • Non-georeferenced view
    • Events
    • Clustering
    • Performance
    • More product features


This training can also be requested on demand, onsite, or offsite.

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Please note that the LuciadRIA and LuciadLightspeed sessions and the LuciadFusion and Lucy Primary sessions are organized in parallel. It is therefore not possible for 1 person to attend all training sessions.

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