Romanian Energy Network Turns Up The Heat To Improve Efficiency

Power Portfolio

Termoficare Oradea manages the transmission and distribution of the heating energy network in the city of Oradea, Romania. The company manages 219.5 km of heating infrastructure that supports over 63,000 households, 226 public institutions, and approximately 1937 economic agents such as banks and production facilities in the area. In order to meet environmental legislation and energy efficiency goals, as well as to improve customer service, Termoficare Oradea had to take measures that included modernizing 17.5 km of the heating transport network by replacing many existing pipelines with more efficient, pre-insulated pipelines.Termoficare Oradea management knew that a geospatial software solution would ensure that their energy network would be optimized for how it operated, how outages were managed, and how the company interfaced with customers. Without it, and without making upgrades to its physical energy network, the company risked shutting down like the more than 200 local companies from large Romanian cities.

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