M.App Enterprise


Level: Beginner


Type: Seminar with hands-on exercises


Goal: To teach how to develop Smart M.Apps applications using out of the box tools or custom code. The training gives in addition insights on the architecture, installation and configuration processes.  


Certification: Certificate of participation M.App Enterprise


Target audience: Geo-ICT developers, Project Engineers, Technical Presales Consultants


Prerequisites: Attendees should have the following prerequisites:

  • Experience in enterprise environments
  • M.App Configuration and Workflow Manager (desirable but not mandatory) 
  • Database and SQL knowledge
  • Development skills for M.App Reader Framework, JS, HTML, CSS 3


Duration: 4 days


Agenda: The trainer typically adapts the pace of the training to the needs of the trainees. The following is a standard agenda:


Day 1:

  • M.App Enterprise Overview
  • M.App Enterprise concepts and design patterns
  • Online Demo
  • Installation process walkthrough (demo)
  • Getting up and running with M.App Enterprise Studio:
    • Create a new tenant (configuration)
    • Manage security
    • Vector and Raster layer definitions
    • Services
    • Styling


Day 2:

  • Rich Client application configuration:
    • Queries
    • Introduction to workflows
  • Workflows: Advanced use cases


Day 3:

  • Browser application configuration:
    • Map panel
    • BI configuration
    • Custom panel
  • Geoprocessing integration
    • Introduction
    • Architecture description
    • Analytics Panel
  • Feature Analyzer
    • Connecting to different Data Sources
    • Theme customization
    • Creating Charts
    • Extensions: HTML and JS in Functional Attributes


Day 4:

  • Mobile application
    • Introduction
    • Architecture description
    • Shell configuration
    • Questions & answers
    • Wrap up and open discussions


Training for October 28-31, 2019

This training can also be requested on demand, onsite, or offsite.


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October 28-31, 2019