M.App X


Level: Beginner


Type: Seminar with hands-on exercises


Goal: To provide an introduction to M.App X our cloud-based image exploitation software, it will show how defense oriented workflows typically done within ERDAS IMAGINE can be performed on the Cloud using M.App X.  


Certification: Certificate of participation M.App X


Target audience: People with a basic understanding of optical or SAR imageries


Prerequisites: Attendees should have a basic understanding of optical or SAR imageries


Duration: 2 days


Agenda: During this training, attendees will go through the standard Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) workflows including geo-correcting the images before performing change detection, doing object recognition or intelligence reports generation.


Training for October 28-29, 2019

This training can also be requested on demand, onsite, or offsite.


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October 28-29, 2019